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Kick Butts Day 2018

Kick Butts Day is a national day of activism organized by the ...

Baltimore Orioles Baseball Game

On February 24, Sarasota County Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) youth hosted a ...

Tallahassee Advocacy Days

On Monday, February 12th five Students Working Against Tobacco youth traveled to ...

SWAT meets with City Commissioners

During the months of December and January six SWAT youth met individually ...


Joining a SWAT Team is the first step in our fight against Big Tobacco.


Learn about tobacco's real effects and how tobacco companies target youth. Knowledge is power.


Speak out to your peers. Take action in the community. Fight Big Tobacco.


Our goals: To protect our generation. To stop Big Tobacco. To end the killing.

SWAT PSA video playing in movie theatres in Sarasota

From March 2nd to March 29th Regal Hollywood Stadium 20 and AMC Sarasota 12 will be playing a 30 second public service announcement filmed by SWAT youth about point of sale marketing. This video was made to raise awareness of the Tobacco Industry’s marking tactics that are used to target youth to buy their products. You can also […]

Through With Chew Week -February 19-23

Last week from February 19-23 was Through With Chew Week 2018. This national observance is held every year to raise awareness on the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco products such as chew, dip, and snuff. Just because these products don’t involve any smoke doesn’t mean they are harmless. There are several serious health risks associated with smokeless tobacco products including […]

SWAT meets with the Mayor

On December 1st, six SWAT youth met with Mayor Shelli Freeland Eddie to discuss Point of Sale Marketing and possible solutions to stop this problem in Sarasota County. Point of Sale Marketing is a method used by the tobacco industry to market their products to youth.        

Sarasota Middle School Tobacco Pledge

On October 31 Sarasota Middle School SWAT students encouraged their peers to sign a tobacco free pledge so they will not be one of the 89 souls that die from tobacco use each day.            

Fire Prevention Week

SWAT clubs across Sarasota county participated in Fire Prevention week which was from October 8-14th. North Port High School SWAT members hosted a photo contest where each class wore red to raise awareness on fire prevention. Ms. Frederick’s class won the photo contest emphasizing the importance of planning ahead for a fire. Click here for […]

North Port SWAT Cigarette Butt Clean up

North Port High School served as a shelter during Hurricane Irma. Despite the campus being tobacco-free people still smoked while in the shelter. This week North Port SWAT members picked up over 1/2 lb. of cigarettes around campus which is equal to 1,130 cigarette butts! Thanks for all of your hard work.             […]

Youth Advocacy Board Meeting

From August 18th- August 20th youth and their adult coordinators from across the state of Florida gathered in Leesburg, Florida for the semiannual SWAT Youth Advocacy Board (YAB) meeting. One SWAT member from Pine View High School represented Sarasota County and Region 3. There were also three other YAB members who represented the region. During […]

SWAT Dates for 2017-2018

Sarasota County SWAT is excited to begin the 2017-2018 school year! There are several events coming up in the next few months, please see the dates below: August 17th, 2017 at 3:30pm-5pm- Department of Health-Sarasota: Tobacco Free Partnership Meeting September 6th, 2017- Sarasota County Legislative Delegation Meeting September 29th, 2017- World Heart Health Day October 8th–14th, […]

City Commission Meeting

On August 15th at 6pm three SWAT members presented at the City Commission Meeting The students did a presentation on Point of Sale in Sarasota County. Point of Sale is tobacco product marketing and promotion in the retail environment. The city commissioners were very impressed by the findings and information in their presentation. The students are […]

SWAT Dates for 2016-2017

Sarasota County SWAT is gearing up to begin the new school year! There are many things already in the works for the coming months, and the following are some important events and dates to keep in mind: August 18th, 2016 at 3:30pm- 5pm: DOH- Sarasota- Tobacco Free Partnership Meeting September 24th, 2016 : Florida’s Inaugural 5K Walk/Run […]